Practical Note for God’s Ministers (PW)

Find a good reminder from this post from, instead of writing it only in my notebook I’m just gonna share it here 🙂

If you are in ministry, always remember that you have a responsibility to serve others. Sunday mornings are often chaotic and full of tasks, details, conflicts, etc. We can come home drained and feeling like we never “got anything out of church.” But the times when you’re serving aren’t always the best times for you to also be served. I tend to operate under the idea that on Sunday mornings, I am there to serve others, not to be served. It is up to me to be sure that I am getting fed spiritually during the week. Too often, we confuse “service” with “serve us.”

hand holding mikeThen I also find a good point regarding the difference between ‘rehearsal’ and ‘practice’ (I’m writing it here because I think if the PW team in church could put this in practical, there will be more time to pray as a team rather than coming unprepared and hoping the ‘practice’ time will trade it off, an important note for me) 🙂

Rehearsal time is for rehearsing. When people give up their weeknight to come rehearse, it is important that you don’t monopolize their time with stories about your kids. And you should always strive to be the most prepared person in the room. There is a big difference between rehearsing and practicing. Practice at home, then rehearse what you practiced with the team

Worship times are for worship. Once the service starts, allow that things will go wrong. At this point, you either believe it is in God’s hands or not. You stay focused on God. If you focus on the problems, so, too, will your congregation.

Last but not least…

Stay Connected to God
This sounds easier than it often is for people in ministry. I constantly struggle with getting so busy doing “God’s work” that I forget to check in with God in my own life. Daily time with God is the most valuable thing we can do, and how often do we simply see it crowded out of our schedule? If you get one thing from this list, I hope it’s this one. For me, too.

For full lists you can read for your own Top 10 Worship Leading Tips but the three points I write here are one which particularly ‘beneficial’ for me 😉

Will post more if I get something useful again particularly regarding worship leading and church ministry 🙂


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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