“My Give Thanks List”

Approaching Christmas my days were much busier (in a good way), having friends coming over or visiting their houses, had a good laugh and plenty of food. I really thank God for those wonderful moments, and mostly for God’s love in sending His own Son which making Christmas Day be alive at the first place.

This morning I am also surprised by good intention from my husband on my special day… by secretly placing a bunch of roses and beautiful card on the kitchen bench top before he left to work (while I was still snoring haha). My husband by nature is not a romantic person, so when he does this kind of thing it really makes me happy and appreciate his effort 🙂 this time he also hid the roses well before I accidentally found it (as I’ve usually always busted his previous surprises :P).

"Sweet Surprise" :) <3
“Sweet Surprise” 🙂 ❤

Then I spend my first hours in the morning writing my diary thanking God for everything that I could think of (while multitaskingly taking care of Aimee, of course, one skill that I think all moms must have got it better and better as demands for themselves increasing haha..).

I am surprised by how many I could thank Him for, maybe I can share some points of my “Birthday Give Thanks List” from what I wrote in my diary here in this blog 😉 I’m just gonna put them in numbers just so it’s easier and more straightforward to read. So… here they are,

I give thanks God for:

  1. giving me another year to live!
  2. giving me His words in time when I need them. During my tough times especially the last couple of months I could feel it was His words which sustained and strengthened my faith to keep moving forward and trusting God. He allowed the outward circumstances to be tough just so I could find my strength and joy inwardly, from Him and His words alone;
  3. His goodness and patience to me. When I fail Him, He never give up on loving me. When I’m stubborn, He is patient to me. He is still the “everything good and loving” although I don’t behave the same;
  4. working the inside of me, so I don’t need to force myself to ‘do good’ but He’s working inside my heart first to produce the change to the outside naturally by the work of His Spirit in me;
  5. giving me role as a wife and mother. What a wonderful and beautiful feeling and experience to love and be loved by my husband and daughter. For me they are my priority in life and my ministry. From all people and friends, I want them mostly to see that Christ is in me and that “I am a Christian” to them…
  6. my health!
  7. fulfilling my basic needs – house for our temporary stay before we move to our own (next year yipi!), for every nutritional food (and occasional junk food lol) we can enjoy, for clothing and the choices I have (many unfortunate people and beggars have to live with the only clothing attached to their body…) 
  8. family, friends and community, for BIC (Bethany International Church) and FA (cell group), for Ko Dan as the church pastor whose message always direct my focus to God’s grace and the above things;
  9. bringing deliverance and relief for the ‘settlement issue’ which had been our struggle for the last couple of months and brought me and my husband to another level of faith in God! I’m so glad that it is now over and although we are now left with not much of money but God shows His miraculous providence for us in paying for bills and our necessities;
  10. bringing me back to the discipline of reading and studying God’s words through good resources of Bible Study which I begin to cultivate again at the beginning of this year after not having such commitment for a pretty long time (“God Brought Me Back to My First Love” written on Sept 5th)

… and many many others!

I’m just so grateful mainly for wonderful things He has worked out in my heart, and many of them as a result of undergoing difficulties, not so much when I am “happy and content”. For many other questions and prayers that to date are still unanswered, I want to trust in God’s wisdom and timing. 

To think again that before I was even born God has had a purpose for my life (wayyy back than 30 years ago!) – I just want to discover more of that and letting my life to be His faithful vessel…

Thank You, Lord Jesus.

ps: for some people age is ‘taboo’ to mention, but guess not really for me so I’m just gonna post this image to show numbers of my age (because I feel younger anyway hahaha…)

for me! yey!
for me! yey!


pss: I also hope that this blog will lead me to ‘somewhere’ (wherever God wants it to) rather than to ‘no where’… Thanks all for faithful, occasional, and new readers out there, I pray God will give you the equal joy as He’s given me today!


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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