“That Question”

Last Sunday I experienced something I had not after years of walking with God, manifestation of the Holy Spirit! For a long time I’ve stopped chasing that ‘high’ experience because I know what comes after that is more crucial for my spiritual growth. Experiencing the holy laughter and soaked in tears feeling the greatness of God’s presence were beautiful indeed and are a privilege, but I stopped expecting that the more I become mature in my relationship with Him. Then last Sunday I had it, unexpectedly. And amazingly the strongest impression I had during the moment was having God asked me, “Will you live for Me?”

I don’t know why among many options of other messages He could give me, He chose that. And it is only by His grace, that the King of Kings, strangely, could humbly ask me that kind of question in such a gentle voice, rather than commanding me in stern and fierce way… His Spirit is never forceful. He is so gentle, lovingly gentle and humble…

Nevertheless, like I said, the crucial point is the moment after I ‘walk down from the mountain’ and facing my everyday battle. Do my options, my decisions, my life – reflect that I am living for Him?

living for God



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