Hello July!

It’s been more than two months haven’t updated this blog, I’m guilty! 😛 I’m quite busy with the craft making and when I do have some thoughts to write, I write them first in my private journal then later forgot to also write another one here. Oh well, here I am now ready to share some thoughts about life…

I know for sure that worry and fear are inevitable in life, but this time it isn’t about worry about ‘worldly things’ in general (although I do still have one or two or…) but last month what struck my heart was how easy human’s heart to be captured by worldly things (IDOL) rather than by God’s glory… This is ‘scary’ indeed… it’s not a new finding, but the reality becomes ‘more real’ for me and made my heart uneasy… How come the world and things in it can be so attractive and often offer options more interesting and fun than seeking pleasure in God alone? This flesh sure has strong love at first sight with the world and if one didn’t realize and make a (often painful) effort to sacrifice the flesh, soon after the spirit seems just to die and doesn’t respond anymore to life’s daily choices.

Then last week when I had my bible study at the comfort of my own bed, these sentences was like a hammer bummed on my head. I took a pic of it and posting it here too:

christian goal

Then I felt that sudden unexplainable sadness in my heart I couldn’t hold my tears. I haven’t been a Christian who pursue Him alone. Even the ‘personal holiness’ goal itself isn’t the wholeness of the beauty God offers to those who follow Him. Suddenly I am back to basic, asking myself, how to love God for Him alone? When I already got used to seeking Him for blessings, grace, love, joy, mercy, forgiveness, salvation. But not for Him alone. Help me to understand Lord. I’ve been a newborn Christian for 9 years and this question still left me perplexed…



Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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