“What Does Easter Mean to Me?”


for He wore the victor’s crown
What does “Easter” really mean to me? What “Jesus is alive!” actually mean to my Christian life and journey? 

It should not be a “science fiction” thing for me, it should hold a special meaning to my heart since I proclaim myself as a Christian, but, what does it really mean?

I am looking for a non-textbook, non-doctrinal answer..

I’m just looking for the simplest meaning to my own self, in which I can apply the conviction to my everyday life.

To think that Jesus was crucified, died at the cross, buried inside the tomb closed by a large heavy stone as the ending of everything must be miserable (and the disciples actually witnessed with their own eyes when these historical events took places). 

The long await for a Messiah, the wonders and miracles Jesus had done for the last 3 years of His ministry – all gave a HUGE promising future for the Jews and non-Jews at that time. They finally had a King! a True King, a Messiah, who would rule all over the nations and set them free from the Romans and its colonies. Their human thinking could only reach as far as that, perhaps. They did not fully understand whenever Jesus mentioned about life being together with God, the Father, and the Kingdom of God on earth. So much hopes and dreams, but they were all shattered down broken to pieces on the day He died at the cross. 

Maybe I was just the same with the disciples during that time. I got what Jesus taught in the Bible, but did not really “get it”. I said “amen” to several things my human mind could grasp, not knowing nor understanding the fullest truth and application of them during living my life on the earth. Nothing’s wrong with the disciples nor myself I suppose, we are all just the “believers”, we only believe as far as we could, or, as far as we allow ourselves to.

So, back to my earlier and foremost question, what does it mean with “Jesus is alive” in my practical days? 

Does Jesus only alive during Easter season then weeks after I soon have forgotten that the God I believe in is truly alive? 

“The disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord” (John 20:20). This was the first reaction when they saw Jesus in person, showing Himself in flesh in front of them.
Their dreams and hopes that 3 days ago were crushed suddenly were alive again! But this time there is difference. Their dreams and hopes suddenly changed…. they did not center on their own self… 

They could really see what “Kingdom of God on earth” truly meant!!

Thomas who had known Jesus far earlier (he was one of the Twelve, he followed Jesus every single days of His ministry before He died on the cross), only on the day Jesus revealed Himself and His nail marks, proclaimed “My Lord and My God!“. What did he think of Jesus many years ago then? Had He always been his Lord and his God after all the time? 

Revelation over revelation coming through. Suddenly they all could see more clearly the supernatural realm of living their life on earth. They could see far beyond, like Abraham who “was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God” (Hebrews 11:10). Their eyes were fixed unto the eternal life and eternal things. “They were longing for a better country – a heavenly one” (Hebrew 11:16).

Jesus’ resurrection brings alive such changes. Changes in our heart, in our mind, in our point-of-view. 

We could understand things we previously do not know, supernatural heavenly high things. Things that only few could comprehend, things that not all of our my friends “get it”.

From change in heart and change in mind, they bring a change outwardly in action, in our everyday life. 

We wouldn’t waste a single day living it for ourselves, we want to live for God’s purpose. We are still living up our natural days but we know in every actions there is a supernatural course driving us through, pressing forward to the fullest life God has designed for us. Every action becomes purposeful, every word we speak out becomes more thoughtful. What a great life if such changes can happen in our life! 

Life without Jesus’ resurrection would be a mundane life. Just ordinary, without any awe revelations shining through our heart… 

Because Jesus is alive I have new dreams and hopes. They are in Him, not in my own self.
Because Jesus is alive, I can perceive life differently therefore to carry it through differently too.

Noone who has believed in Jesus will be the same again after Jesus’ resurrection becoming alive in his/her life. It shall bring an inevitable change. Change of heart, change of mind, change of hopes and dreams, change of life.

I guess the meaning of Easter for me as simple as that, or as complicated as that for minds to comprehend. 
Just a thought in my morning quiet time before my daughter wakes up and life goes on ordinarily yet supernaturally miraculous…

Happy Easter all.



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