Happy Anniversary Jesus 😄


30 April 2005

Exactly same date today, a decade ago, I committed myself in a relationship with Someone… I was in awe just finding the truth that being with Him had nothing to do with religious duties or activities. I was grateful that He actually offered me a real RELATIONSHIP. 

Since then I witnessed how He is truly real and alive in my life. Through major life moments and life mundane tasks, He is always there and I become to understand Him more and more of His personality.

Trust growing, openness in telling Him everything including my fear, worry, and life resentments evolve. I found divine strength in doing things I myself can’t, even if I tried with my strongest will. 

I have no regret. Someone has taken my place at the “death penalty row” that I supposed to have. He took my debts away and nailed them at the cross. He faced the True Judge and gave me His own credibility and guaranteed me a new beginning, free from condemnation. No one would ever do the same to anyone. 

I live my imperfect life for Him, not because I feel “I have to”. It’s not about my duty to “pay back” to Him, because I will never can. And that is not the essence of our relationship. But because this Person has shown me how great His love is for me, and that love, fixes my eyes on Him. 

What has 10 years with Him made me into? 

I am not changed into a “more perfect person”. Do I follow Him only so I can become a “better person”? No. I did for some times making this “change to a better person” as my goal, but then I would focus my eyes more on “me and my effort and my righteousness” instead of on His works at the cross. 

In short, having a relationship in Him, changes in life are just inevitable. And I have nothing to brag about. 

Just a simple gesture from my deepest heart before the night ends.

Happy anniversary Jesus, thank You for taking me as Your beloved ❤️


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