Mothering Matters

my sweet morning devotion ☺️

Over time I able to see more that “mothering matters” not merely because I have to do bountiful of mundane yet crucial tasks that noone else would do them for us unpaid😂(cleaner, cooker, teacher, driver to mention just a few 😛 hmm n’ yes crafter ✂️, artist 🎨, entertainer 👯 are also included 😂). 

Not only also mothering matter because I’m responsible to give the best for her in terms of her physical needs, health and education.

Most importantly, mothering matters because God has entrusted my child’s SOUL and LIFE. I am the extension of God’s hands and love. And that is a HUGE task & responsibility. 

While her future and salvation for her eternal life are in God’s hands, I still have this great privilege to do the best I can through the rollercoaster journey of motherhood 🎢🎭 I pray for more revelations come alive from every book, devotions and word of God that I read. 

Moms, what we do MATTERS greatly ❤️🌷 #dontgiveup

We, moms, are limited, but the access to the One unlimited is always available. Only as far as our utter words of prayer 🙏
Have a wonderful day all moms!


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