Do Not Worry


morning’s devotion and gouache lettering
Worry is a natural human state, and shows that we do care for the matter. Yet, it is a sin if we prolong the worry because the Bible says “do not worry“. 

We might not realize this as a command from our Lord, because people and the world also easily say “ah, don’t worry be happy”, BUT, like every other God’s commands begin with “do not”, meaning we really have to obey this command like we obey the ten commandments (for example), and truly NOT to worry!

Reading this verse in The Message version this morning gives me another point-of-view: let your worry draw you closer in PRAYER to God. Find it as a so-called “art”, to turn our worries and shape and present them into praises and petitions to God in our prayers. 

Also a reminder to myself indeed, once again, to not let worry drift us away from God, but to draw us even closer to God
If only our eyes can see and understand even deeper how God loves us so greatly like His own sons and daughters – all the sleepless nights, fretting hours over our worldly matters are truly unnecessary. 

This is my prayer. 


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