Winning the Much Higher Prize


Morning Sweet Delight
Yesterday felt like no ordinary Wednesday bcos there were some great news happening, one of them was we won a grand prize of family annual pass to Sealife Melbourne from a competition I entered throughh Instagram (Aimee really love going there) so yeah it will save us some money in future lol. 

Then this morning when I read the above verse, there is a soft voice from the Holy Spirit in my heart telling me (not in exact words but more or less:) “Nat, press on to win THIS heavenly price” 👑 

Then I feel a glimpse of sorrow somehow in my heart, thinking how I (human nature) easily become happy and overjoy with worldly things, rewards and promotions I receive. They are not necessarily wrong, surely they are also precious blessings from God the loving Father to His child. 

Perhaps the ache more relates to how I should be overjoyed even more for this heavenly reward that God has prepared, to keep obeying Him and treasuring Him above all else in this world. Everyday we just have to fight for these worldly things to not having the 1st place in our heart.. 

But I believe this life quest shouldn’t be an unhealthy pressure to my spiritual walk in Christ. Instead, His perfect love and help from Holy Spirit are there to support me along the way. 

Maybe the key is to just (look at the word I wrote from yesterday’s prayer journal):

yes, to surrender!

Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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