“That Small Seed” 

A seed, its unseen root, and the tree

Last night at prayer meeting I had a vision of a SEED as small as a coffee bean-like. Then I saw it sprouts up although only a little, underneath its ROOTS have branched out all the ways in the ground. 
I have an impression that God letting me know, to not judge things to be working or not based on how it’s seen from the outside. It may only seems like a small tiny leaf on the ground, but what’s most important is how strong it is rooted under the ground.

The unseen is the most significant part.
Small doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Small doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Small doesn’t mean it is insignificant. 
Be faithful to keep watering the seed, to let the roots grow even deeper and stronger underneath the ground.
I drew this sketch yesterday for an order I have before I had the vision, it couldn’t be a mere coincidence…
Whatever your “seed” is, doesn’t matter how small it’s seen on the ground, keep watering it with prayer and faith. In God’s amazing grace and miraculuous power, one day before you even know it has grown into a big strong TREE. And a big strong tree does need an even STRONGER ROOT to sustain. 


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