“Just Me and Him”


precious time with Him…
I found myself as not being able to sit down and pray with eyes closed for too long (other than when I’m in a prayer meeting), so over the years I’ve seen that I let myself enjoying God’s presence by sitting down, reading the Bible, and JOURNALLING my prayers instead. 

I’ve experienced so many times how He reveals what’s in His heart through what I write, as if the words flow from Himself and speak to my soul. I love the way He uniquely speaks!

For example, there in one of my journals, I purposely placed a photo of my husband working in his office cubicle (I snapped the pic when we went there together with Aimee on one Saturday 😋📷). 

That photo helps me in visualising his reality everyday, and I wrote down my prayers for him and his work just next to the pic. 

Maybe in a way I’m putting an extra effort when I can just simply pray by my mouth (which I do as well), but I just love journalling my prayer as it helps me to put my mind in (more real) words, and it is a great reminder of my faith journey (and who knows one day I can inherit them all to Aimee). 

Aren’t we grateful that we are praying to a living, great and true God that doesn’t despise our own individuality ❤️

Have a blessed Monday beloved of Christ!



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