“My Grace is Sufficient”


“only when I’m weak, I can experience the fullness of Your power in me” ❤️

Many moments I don’t feel like being a “good enough” mom and/or wife. At many times I’m struggling to give when I don’t feel to give, or feel like I’m too tired and don’t have enough strength to keep on giving.

Then the same God’s words which came in my ealier years following Him and which has been sustaining me all through the years after, also arise for me this morning. 

Nat, this is the chance to experience My grace and power even deeper in your life“, He says. 

There is no other way. I wouldn’t be able to experience His power when I feel “I am strong enough, I can do this”. But when I cry out to Him, “Lord, I’m struggling, I cannot go on without Your help” – there God’s hands always readily available, reaching me like Jesus reached Peter when he’s about to get drawn… 

Thank You Lord, Your words give me joy and power to move forward! Help me to give from the overflowing love You’ve given to me first. 
Good morning and thank You once again for Your immense grace. 


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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