“Be Real, Be Vulnerable in the Lord”


my daily bread 🍞☺️

 One thing caught my attention this morning when I read about “the temptation of Jesus in the desert”: 
In the end of his 40-days fasting the Bible says that “Jesus was hungry” and the devil tempted him to “test His power” as Son of God by changing stone into bread for Him to eat.
I was trying to imagine the scene and what would I do if I was put to the test. Perhaps I’d also firmly reject the devil’s request but for the reason that “I was OK and I wasn’t that hungry” (self-denial). 
But Jesus didn’t answer the devil by self-denial. He WAS hungry, that’s the fact. But by His almighty wisdom He answered, that “Man does not live on bread alone” 
What I receive as a “rhema” today, when I’m in struggles I don’t have to deny myself and those problems for the sake to be seen as a strong person; they do happen and they are real. It is ok to be fragile and vulnerable in God’s eyes, He cares
On the other side, in the midst of that struggles also for me to remember that I have the power to go on from the Word of God and that those struggles are only momentary. Like Paul said in 2 Cor 4:17:

“For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an ETERNAL GLORY that FAR outweighs them all”

Be real, be vulnerable in God’s eyes. Nothing to be covered up, He cares. 

Have a lovely Tuesday beloved of Christ 😊


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