“Just Bloom”


God has designed each of us uniquely, everyone has their own garden of life, 
and each person has different stage of growth.

Take an example of a rose and an oak tree, although the rose may dream to one day become an oak tree and have stronger roots and branches, it is just isn’t one, YET it still has its own beauty.
Don’t live in comparison, be grateful, and just bloom wherever you are.
Have a blessed day beloved of Christ, each one of you is PRECIOUS in His eyes – the cross is the evidence of His immense love ❤️


2 thoughts on ““Just Bloom”

  1. Hi, I found your Blog this past summer and it has ministered to me to often. I have never been moved to comment until today. I received a great revelation from the Holy Spirit about being in a position to receive and today your Blog post ministered to me that I won’t get into position if I am measuring my growth in Christ, my relationship with Him, with that of others. The phrase “grow wherever you are” speaks volumes. Thank you and God Bless my sister in Christ!!

    1. Hello there,

      Really sorry for my late reply! Thank you for writing down your comment, and I’m blessed too by it! Knowing that God loves us so much, He can use anything to speak of His messages and revelations so we can walk closer to Him daily 🙂
      Thanks and God bless you too! ❤️❤️

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