What Christmas Means For You?

11 days to Christmas 2015 🎄

“What Christmas Means to You?”
Yesterday’s sermon about this question is surely an eye-opening for me.

I wasn’t aware that Christ can be “everything” to me but one – a King, a Ruler of my life! 

Most people don’t like to be ruled over, to be told what to do, to “letting go of my own plans, dreams, wills, desires and letting God’s to be done instead” (we can see this tendency to “reject above authority” even from our still small kids!!) 

The truth is, we “Christians” are all part of God’s kingdom on earth, and if we reject His authority in our life it means we also reject Him as a King, and if He isn’t a King to us, then He is also not a Savior of us! (even though we want to believe so) – “scary” and profound truth huh. 

This Christmas let’s reflect that Christ was born not to be a “baby” or everything else that sounds good to us, but He was born to be a King of Kings, a Ruler. He deserves our obedience and control in our life. Let Him be the everything in our life, including this. Give Him the control to restore us into the image of Christ.


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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