Greatest Fashion Designer Ever!

Did you know the first ‘Fashion Designer’ ever on this earth? His masterpiece wasn’t merely a haute couture dress, it was the HEARTS of men! Yes, it was God who ‘fashions the hearts of them all and observes all their deeds’ (Psalm 33:15).
It is interesting for me to read this verse because it’s my first time to read the word ‘fashion‘ in use in the ESV bible. In the NIV, it is written as,

“He who forms the hearts of all, 

who considers everything they do”

If you’re a fashion designer, or designer in any kind, you’d probably more understand and get fuller picture from this verse; the intricate process involved when God created each of us. It wasn’t like an instant magic, but I believe it is more like a thorough and thoughtful process. Full of love and wisdom in planning each of our days in His book of life. 
Each time when I start every project, there is a careful planning and envisioning involved before I begin. Well God must have planned much much more in details for our lives! He fashioned our hearts, above all, to be like His. 
Give glory to Him who fashioned our physical heart when we were still in our mother’s womb, and praise Him who fashioned our spiritual heart and mould it to be more like His everyday 🙌🏻🌟
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Have a blessed day everyone! 



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