I am most belong in You…
People say that persons closest to you (in smallest scope: family) are the easiest one to hurt your feelings. 

Not because they don’t love you, but because they don’t have to put their guards up, nor any mask on. 

This is the place where we can just be who we are. It’s as if we are prone to “speak first and think later” and becoming less considerate when it comes to their feelings compared with our treatment to our friends/acquaintances. 

But we know this shouldn’t be. 

The place where we are most accepted and can become genuinely ourselves – this should be the MOST precious place that deserve our foremost love, care, and priority, right? 

Then again, other than our own family, there is the Greatest Person who loves us mostly for who we are, simply because He created us, and we belong to Him. 

No condemnation, only grace. 

Shouldn’t He become the most treasured Person above all, who deserves our most life dedication…? 

Just an evening pondering when I frame my artwork with the written quote 🙂



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