Lesson From Mustard Plant Part 1

Days ago I learnt something extraordinary about the mustard seed and mustard tree 🌳 

I’ve read these verses so many times but reading the book “Simply Tuesday” by Emily P. Freeman opened my mind to another new perspective and revelation… I know mustard seed is so tiny, but I didn’t realize how HUGE it can grow up to!
I also just knew that mustard plant can grow easily and without much care needed. If you plant it in your garden, it can quickly take over. 

It grows beyond your expectation, beyond the boundaries you set – it’s like a weed! And if you look up a pic of a mustard tree (which I did googled and became the reference for my drawing), it can grow much taller than a man in all directions! 

And this is all comes from just a TINY seed – and the kingdom of God is like that!
When kingdom of God takes root, it will grow without human effort at all. “What begins in secret will culminate in glory“. Things we do may start from something small, invisible, and take us wondering and into doubts – whether we are doing the right thing? Whether this is God’s will? Why He didn’t make it any sooner?
But one of the lessons I learn is: just because it looks different that what we thought it would, it doesn’t mean God isn’t working! 

Don’t judge God’s works by our own expectations ❤️ 

I feel there is more to share from this “mustard revelation”; but for now just remember: “We can plant but we can’t grow” 🌱🌿🌳


Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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