Lesson from Mustard Plant Part 2 (end)


Two days ago I’ve shared what I learn from mustard seed and the tree from “Simply Tuesday” book by Emily P Freeman #currentreading (check hashtag #crunchynatsjournal on Instagram where I compile all my “art devotions”) 🌱🌿🌳 and here’s the second lesson I’ve got:

You know (even “church people”) say when something happens that looks favorable: 

“You must have had God’s favor in what you do!” BUT when something happens that doesn’t seem to catch on, we say things like: “Maybe it wasn’t God’s wills” or “just wait and be patient” – but what I learn here is:

What is the measure of God’s will or favor?

Is it a number? Is it outside behavior based on human judgement?

Can you really measure it at all?

Healthy things grow, but they may not grow at the rate, in the way, or in the timing I want“! 

And the growth may be so small we never see visible progress, or so unexpected that we don’t realize what God is doing because it looks different that we thought it would. 
We have fallen into the incorrect thinking; we equate growth and size with God and favor, and may despise the kind of His works in secret, small ways – without our effort at all – like the mustard seed. 
Tiny, but can grow easily and without much care, and can grow into a huge tree much taller than man. 
This is surely an eye-opening for me 👀 .. 

“We can plant, but we can’t grow”

“We can act, but we can’t determine”

“We can build it, but we can’t fill it”

“We can offer, but we can’t control”





Share your experience in the comments box below :)

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