“Being A Mother, to Me (in a nutshell)”

I will always love you, my daughter

A throwback to the very early day I started my handmade business (ColorPopCraft) from my interest in scrapbooking, and pictured above was one of those very first layouts I created, which ignited a beautiful memory of me and my daughter 👧🏻❤️👩🏻 

Often I tell God how I feel incapable being a “good mom”, how I am still lacking of the “unconditional love” a child should have received from her mother, how many times I feel like I just want to runaway from the huge responsibilities; not merely in taking care of her physical needs, but more into directing her ways of life according to God’s wills and not what I think best. 
Yet on the other side, I think also how I have been so much blessed by her presence. How I am grateful to be a mother, to be able to love someone greatly without the need for her to pay me back ever. 

To think of God chooses me to be a mother and entrusted me with this beautiful soul to be taken care of – it overwhelms (and scares) me, yet at the same time filling me with grateful and awe tears. 

That is just the rollercoaster experience of how motherhood is for me, I guess. 

At the end of the day, I can only say “I love you, my daughter”; and “Thank You Lord for this special gift” out of the fullness of my heart. 

I am grateful for this journey.



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