Parenting with Grace

Lately my pastor has been preaching about Grace every week in correlation with the Law, and I can’t help not to relate it with the way I parent my child.

For months I’ve been struggling a lot more with my daughter’s disobedience that it brings me grief now much more than anger. I fully understand that just as we were all created with a freewill, that my child didn’t come with a manual book, that every child is different and there is no universal way in treating this unique precious soul.

Yet in my loneliness I used to ask God the “why” questions, why He created my daughter with the strong will and emotions this raw at her age – BUT now, I focus more on how to parent her with GRACE.

Because I realize and I see that Law do not have the power to bring the true change – change from the inside, NOT change in behavior.

Change in her behaviors might be good and bring more peace to this mother’s soul, but God opens my eyes once again and remind me my mission of motherhood is not to raise her as a “good moral person” for the sake of my pride. 

My mission is to raise this soul to be a God-loving adult, who has the faith in Christ not because that’s the way her parents teach her, but because she does experience Him personally. 

To bring good works to her community, not because that is what’s expected from the society, but because that IS the purpose she was created for.
Lord, please teach me “how”. Your Spirit of Truth is in me, and You are the greatest Teacher among all advices the professionals, books, friends, or my mentor can give me. 

I need YOU. Help me to understand and put the revelations practically. 

I thank You for every comfort, for Your Words in the Bible which comfort and direct me – they are truly lamp to my feet and light to my path.



#begenuine #bevulnerable


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