“The Quiet Impact of One Woman”

I read “The Quiet Impact on One Woman” from @proverbs31ministries daily devotional on May 30th yet the message still speaks strong to myself ’til today.

Ever since I have a daughter I’m not as physically mobile and flexible as I used to in terms of serving the Lord in and outside the church, but I do not regret this.

I believe there is time and season for everything. 

I’m also fully aware that once I give birth to my second, my time will be much more consumed in taking care of the newborn. But I won’t regret it either.

Over and over the Lord reminds and convicts my heart that becoming a mother is a “calling”. It is not just a status, or a duty. The Lord has set a specific purpose for me to nurture these precious souls.

It’s impossible to meet all the needs surrounding me, but through the devotional God reminded me that by investing in another person what I’ve learned from Him, my story expands beyond my lifetime into the eternity

My story becomes God’s story, and isn’t it just wonderful to walk in agreement with Him! 

And I believe our child/children is the priority. If it’s not us the mother teaching them the way of the truth, who else (certainly not the teachers at sunday school). 

You may not be a mother (or yet) as you read this, but there may be a “one woman” out there who needs your encouragement; perhaps your colleague, school friend, or an elderly in your neighbourhood.

I pray that the Lord will show you as you ask, and we’ll never know what kind of an eternal impact we will give to this precious woman soul. It’s not about us and our ability to do well, but it’s about HIS ability to use us well. 

Have a blessed Friday ❤️😘 



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