I am NOT a Good Christian

Posting or quoting bible verses does not make us a good Christian.
Going to church every Sunday, cell group every week, having ministry in the church and community,
Testifying, witnessing,
Helping others in need,
Praying regulary,
Becoming a good person,
These do not make any of us a good Christian.

What is really a good Christian anyway?
Isn't it human who came up with that terminology?
The bible never says "if you do this/if you are this/that then you are a good Christian".
The bible doesn't even mention the words "good Christian" (or even "Christian").

I'm afraid if I consider myself as a "good Christian", then the Good News would no longer be applicable for me.
I'm afraid that the message of Jesus' cross would one day be too outdated.
When I consider myself as "good", then I wouldn't need God as much as I do.
When I bring out the word "good", then I only define it as what my own self do think is good.

The truth is, God is holy and perfect.
No human is.
Not even the "good Christian".
We all need Jesus everyday,
His sacrifice at the cross will always be truthful to those who believe that He is the Son of God, who died to take away our sins and imperfections, and gave His righteousness and restored relationship with God. Because of Jesus, those who believe in Him are not the enemy of God anymore!

This is what I'd like to remember for myself, I am NOT a good Christian. That way I need Him no lesser each day. Even more every day.


One thought on “I am NOT a Good Christian

  1. It is unfortunate that so many Christians believe that faith or belief alone saves them such that they give lip service to their faith, and do not make the effort each day to truly live it. Authentic Christianity requires more than attending fellowship and worship services once a week and placing a few dollars in the collection plate. It requires more than reading one or 2 Bible verses each day.

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