“Froyo Passy”

Ok, I don’t really know what title I should write for this entry, so I decide to write “Froyo Passy” which means “Passion for Froyo”!!! Hahahaha… (maksa yah :P)

This is my first day to be on my own, me and “Lola” have arranged new shift for both of us 🙂 I thank God today both machine has worked well! The other machine has been delivered an hour ago, and now Lilo Froyo is back again with four flavours (I call it as “The Mighty Four” :P)

I stumble on one blog http://frozenyogurtblog.com/, an online journal about ‘starting a frozen yoghurt business’. I enjoy reading it, because I can relate much to the owner in all the process he’s been through. I thank God to stumble on his blog so I know “I’m not alone” 😛

I was tempted a bit to also create a blog telling stories about what happens in my shop, but for now I think I don’t have the time to update it everyday, and I still want to focus on this more personal blog ^^

A bit story to share…

On Saturday our only machine broke down (the other one had been taken to the factory to be fixed and it’s only delivered just now). Have to ‘survive’ several days with only limited flavors for me wasn’t really ‘fun’ plus that machine started to make its own problem! Oh, plus I had to apologize to a group of people who had visit our shop but failed to be served with our froyo (so sorry for that guys…). We had to close our shop earlier that day. Yesterday, I came with a full hope that the machine had been back to normal, but was disappointed to see it was still broke down… So yesterday we didn’t open at all.

Well, on the other hand indeed I had spare time I could use to do other things (chaos in my house!!! lots of things have to be cleaned huhuhu… “full time housewife” and work surely not an easy thing huh… salute to those women who could manage well -the house, the work, the marriage life- 🙂 ), and I really thank God for the unexpected ‘lesiure time’.. but on the other side, I don’t want to lose my passion in doing this business… Passion is a very important ingredient in doing everything! I don’t want to be lazy!

I asked God what really happened with all the machine problems and to be honest, I did feel maybe God was punishing me… but I know that isn’t true! Wrong things could happen but God never intend to harm or punish us! A loving God will never do such thing! So I thank God for the faith that He’s given me is larger than my negative/”suspicious” thoughts about Him!

Then this morning I’ve finally understood God’s purpose in allowing me to experience these last days, in which I really realized I have no control over the situation…

I’ve been praying, asking for a greater dependance unto Him, a humble heart that can see what Jesus saw when He said “I could do nothing by Myself, I am nothing without God the Father”.. a heart that truly able to see I am weak without Him!

And I realize the simple experience I’ve just had is just God’s way to show that I have no control in every situation, only He has!!

When I tried to fix things with my own strength then it failed, God showed me that my ONLY resource has to be HIM! Not the last resource, but the ONLY one!

I learn from this simple experience indeed a valuable lesson!

Thank You Lord for revealing Your heart and letting me to understand Your purpose in me… Forgive my proudful heart… forgive my self sufficiency… forgive my ‘all-knowing’ acts when in fact I know nothing! Thank You for loving me through all my weaknesses and failures… teach me to love others with the same way, Lord..

Love You!