“How a Busy Mom Can Stay Consistent in the Word”

Another edifying article I read this morning 💁🏻‍♀️ TIPS on “How a #BusyMom Can Stay Consistent in the Word” 💡 by Courtney Reissig – below is the summary points I learn:

1. See The NEED 🌿

If you don’t see the need in knowing God through His words in the Bible, you will always prioritise something else.

You need to see that you will not make it apart from knowing God through his Word (“apart from Me you cannot bear fruits” – John 15).

Ask God to open your eyes to that need and give you a desire for his Word if you haven’t sensed that in your life.

2. Have realistic expectations for yourself 🌿

We all have different capacities and go through different seasons of life. A mom with young children not going to be able to go back to her times of reading the Word for 1-2 hours like she used to, or having an uninterrupted devotional time.

Be realistic, but not lazy/careless/complacent.

10-15 minutes reading is better than nothing at all.

Expect interruptions.

3. Make a Plan 🌿

If I go for some days without His words, I know what effect it would bring to me, to my heart, to people around me (esp to my family – eg. Mommy becomes less patience and easily offended 🙊).

I have seen that I NEED Him and His words regulary.

When I couldn’t open the bible, listening to podcast or online sermons make a difference. “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing the words of God”. It is still nourishing to my soul and spirit rather than listening to the world’s noises all day long instead.

Keep feeding in our spirit MUCH MORE than our flesh.

4. Resist the temptation to compare yourself to others 🌿

Mom with younger kid/s may have less time. Another might have kids spaced out differently. Every mother has different capacities and life circumstances.

Run the race that is set before YOU 🏃🏻‍♀️ God will honor that.

5. Trust that God will do his work 🌿

God has promised that his Word WILL NOT return void in your life.

If you see the need for Scripture in your life,

have realistic expectations for yourself,

make a plan,

and don’t compare yourself to everybody else around you,

all that’s left is to TRUST that the Lord is going to work.

God will give you a desire for his Word, transform & conform you into the image of Christ.

It is all a process, a journey, an everyday walk with Him and His sweet Holy Spirit.

Proverbs 3:5-6

God bless you moms! 🌿


Trust in You

The above lyrics is from “Trust in You” song by Lauren Daigle, it is my #songoftheday today 🎶

Sometimes when we commit to trust in God, things don’t turn easier they’ve even become way harder!

Moses had his faith in God and His promise that the Israelites would be freed from slavery in Egypt and to enter the promised land, the Canaan. However, when Moses approached Pharaoh and delivered the message, Pharaoh hardened his heart and made the Israelites worked even harder! (by not providing straws for them which is something necessary in making bricks, something that I’ve just learned this morning when I read Exodus 5).

The Israelites now had extra duties to find their own straws PLUS they still had to meet the daily quota of the bricks making.

Moses complained to God, “why have You brought all this trouble on Your own people, Lord? Why did You send me? Ever since I came to Pharaoh as Your spokesman, he has been even more brutal to Your people. And You have done nothing to rescue them!”.

Oh how I can really relate with Moses!

God once again gave His promise of deliverance, but the Israelites “refused to listen anymore. They had become too discouraged by the brutality of their slavery”.

And how I could relate with this too.

We may become too discouraged too in many times. Seeing the facts and circumstances in front of us are just different with one that God’s promised.

Is there something wrong with me?

What should I do more?

What should I do less?

We’ve lost our focus on Jesus and fix our eyes more on our doubts and worries instead.

We may not be able to find all the answers to our questions.

But today, as I read God’s words and listen to the above #songoffaith I find another courage to trust.

Another step of faith to believe in God’s timing.

God’s delay does not equal to failure of His plans.

Find your strenght, comfort, and peace in God’s words.

And once again, #choose to trust in Him.

Even if He did not move the mountain in our timing,

Even if He did not part the sea,

Even if He did not multiply the bread and the fish,

His ways are way higher than ours.

Choose to trust and keep the joy in our heart.

His deliverance shall come at His perfect timing!



“Intercessor at Home” – reassuring my calling to pray

I made this art couple of months ago, because I admitted that this was true. “A family that PRAYS together, STAYS together”.

However, every now and then I (we) often let ourselves catched off-guard; fence down and weeds reappear. We “forget” every now and then about #UNITY in #marriage.

It is not about our own (too little) kingdom, but it’s about God’s kingdom on earth.

Then when conflict arised, we weren’t prepared. By then it felt like it was “too late”.


Yesterday I had a talk with my close friend/cousin/sister #thebest about this topic, I told her I don’t want to pray out of fear as the result. You know, fear that “if I didn’t pray, things will get chaotic“.

I believe this isn’t the right motive and the correct heart condition to pray. And it soothed my soul that she understands! She knows and experiences the same thing (the beauty of sisterhood in Christ).


This morning then His Spirit reminds me this verse:

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity,

but of POWER, LOVE, and SELF-DISCIPLINE” (2 Tim 1:7).

I can, CAN, pray not out of fear – because His Spirit enables me to!

Praying out of flesh will result in burn out, praying in spirit will take me to higher places with Him.


This morning I choose to reject the lies and intimidation,

This morning I choose to listen to the Shepherd’s voice.

He knows my name, and I belong to Him.

I will keep praying and become the “pillar of prayer” for this family #istriadalahtiangdoa

I will not complain and asking God (again), “why me? why do I have to be the one who prays?”. I know now that the Lord is reassuring and reconfirming me once again, to pray is my calling. I am called first and above all as an intercessor. Not in the church, not in my cell group – but firstly at my home! Just between me and Him, beneath the silent walls of my home.

When later I get weary, I shall take rest in Him, again and again.

“This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it” – Isaiah 30:15





Lesson From Alabaster Jar

🌿 Alabaster Jar 🌿

This morning when I read the story of the woman with her alabaster jar in Matthew 26, my heart is somehow drawn toward this jar which has taken a significant part in this wonderful story and become a symbol of devotion.

I searched for more information about this particular jar; it was made from precious stone in Israel, resembles marbles in colors and textures.

And interestingly, unlike most of perfume bottles nowadays, the top has to be broken and the perfume inside the jar could only be used once.

Isn’t that just like our life?

The word and principle of living #YOLO is popular in this world, because it is true that we only have ONE life on this earth to live it to the fullest.

However, when God is not at the center, this precious life will be used and dedicated mostly for OUR own pleasures and satisfaction – which will one day also come to an end when our momentary time on this earth runs out.

The truth is, we were created for something that lasts even longer. We are all eternal being.

Life does not end when this one short life on earth ends.

Brokenness in our life is also inevitable. But just like this alabaster jar, the sweetest smell of the perfume can only escape when it is broken. And God is able to turn this brokenness to bless others and bring glory to His name.

Isaiah 61:3

“to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, 

the oil of joy instead of mourning, 

and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor”

For the display of HIS splendor, it is.


“The True Grace” – The Awakening Truth 

(Today’s post is quite long, I must say it is one of those significant moments in my journey following Christ).

Going back to the devotional I read on the March 8 this morning, because the truth is awakening and I feel like this is the first time I have my thoughts explained in words so descriptively, and I need to digest it more thoroughly.
Sometimes I have this worry and “fear” that I still don’t get God’s characters right after all the years I follow Him.

It’s so easy for us to be trapped inside our own bubbles of theology.

“Theology” is not something that only priests and church leaders have or get to understand. Every one of us has our own view of who God is, and that is the theology we actually live in, not really what the church or our cell group leaders teach us to believe.
I still often think that as God’s children, I “deserve” easier life. When I experienced difficult circumstances for quite a long period, I pleaded God over and over “Lord I need Your grace”. But still I have to endure the hard situation/s for months, some for many many years. Then where is the GRACE?

Does that mean that I am not experiencing grace when I don’t receive the relief that I need yet?
This is where my eyes been opened. Apparently the “grace” that I was asking is the “grace of relief/grace of release“. Like when Paul asked God three times to set him free from the thorn of flesh, and God answered him instead that His grace is more than enough for him, YET the thorn remained.

Yes, this is the view that I apparently see and live in, my own “incorrect” bubble of theology.
I cannot define God’s grace according to what I want or think right. That way I leave space for disappointment toward God whenever my prayers don’t get answered the way I’d want them to be (regardless how “good” they may be).
When God allows me to endure difficult situation just so I can learn to TRUST Him more, that is GRACE.

When He allows me to endure hard circumstances and people just so I can be TRANSFORMED more into like His Son, that is grace.
When you think of the word of “grace”, what do you really expect from God?

So much to chew on this truth, and so much more to live them in. 

May we be courageous enough to find and to live in the truth, no matter how unpleasant sometimes they can turn out to be. 

“What Did You Expect?”

Happy New Year first of all!

Here’s to my first blog entry in 2017 😄

My Current Reading

Obviously “Just Married” 👰🏻🤵🏻doesn’t apply anymore to me and my husband, BUT that is why I bought this book by Paul David Tripp (adding him to my fave gospel-centered list of authors) – because the moment I thought I had “figured it out”, I was wrong.

I read more of motherhood books since I have my first child, and when I did read a book about marriage my mind thought “this is the ideal, but the reality is so much difficult this sounds just like a ‘nice theory’“.

Either difficult, or indifferent.
Last year I have met some tough situations in my marriage, not that they were the first times, but that season was hard it challenged me how I should “make a move and do something different”. Kinda like, “OK stop it devil, you are no longer allowed to take advantages of this!! 🙅🏻🔥”
For a wedding we need to plan carefully 💍,

Why we have to quit planning for the better in our MARRIAGE?

Why we have to quit to learn about one another and enter the complacency zone?
I’ve just on the second chapter of this book and my heart’s hooked already with so many realities explained (we live in the fallen world, we are sinners, and we marry a sinner! Is there still any questions of why does our marriage often not live up to our expectations?).
The GOOD NEWS God is powerful, faithful, and willing. He has sacrificed Himself at the cross, why wouldn’t He even more pour out His grace and save/turn our marriage to the better? #helpisthere
I’m writing this not because my relationship with my husband is in “danger” in some ways (aka “di ujung tanduk” haha), but I just feel the need to PROTECT this marriage and my husband and ANTICIPATE better of what may come in the future.

My aim is not to reach a perfection, but in a more simple way: so that “we could response better to the things that normally trigger conflicts”.

For me to not take this marriage lightly, for me to not be lazy to stand up to pray for my husband (our husbands NEED our prayers – not only our children just because they are still little).
Thanks for reading this heart-to-heart sharing btw 😊 I’d recommend this book for those singles too (better “theory” preparation is still something than nothing).

God bless! ☺️

“The First One with Me in the Delivery Room” 

As weeks approaching my delivery date getting closer #hellodedeAimee 👶🏻 there are times when worry and anxious thoughts crowd my mind.

Second time pregnancy doesn’t guarantee “I know all” as the experience is still different compared with my first one (eg. physical discomforts that I didn’t have when I was pregnant with Aimee, getting used to the medical shared-care system here in Australia, and what-yet-to-come-next the delivery procedure itself, etc etc). 

Sometime I think it may be better for the first time pregnancy as I didn’t really know much = less expectations. 

However, uncertainty in life is inevitable.

Thankfully my Lord knows all my thoughts and everything in my heart. Couple of days ago when I was awaken at 1.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep, I turned to my pregnancy devotional, and found this promise of God from Deut 31:8.

The devotional itself discussed at first the option we could have to request someone to join the mother in the labor/delivery process (well I didn’t think of this at all, as I did an emergency caesarean with Aimee when I was in Jakarta – I wasn’t given the option to have my husband be with me at that time). But regardless of who we invite to the room, GOD HIMSELF will be in the delivery room with me, as promised at the above verse!

WOW! What a powerful promise and assurance He’s given me!
His promise may not erase my fears all at once, but it makes a GREAT difference whenever I am being attacked with one. I can recall and speak out loud His promise! 

His promise and words always arrive in time. I can only surrender all to Him; that’s what gives me the peace and strength I need. 


“The Quiet Impact of One Woman”

I read “The Quiet Impact on One Woman” from @proverbs31ministries daily devotional on May 30th yet the message still speaks strong to myself ’til today.

Ever since I have a daughter I’m not as physically mobile and flexible as I used to in terms of serving the Lord in and outside the church, but I do not regret this.

I believe there is time and season for everything. 

I’m also fully aware that once I give birth to my second, my time will be much more consumed in taking care of the newborn. But I won’t regret it either.

Over and over the Lord reminds and convicts my heart that becoming a mother is a “calling”. It is not just a status, or a duty. The Lord has set a specific purpose for me to nurture these precious souls.

It’s impossible to meet all the needs surrounding me, but through the devotional God reminded me that by investing in another person what I’ve learned from Him, my story expands beyond my lifetime into the eternity

My story becomes God’s story, and isn’t it just wonderful to walk in agreement with Him! 

And I believe our child/children is the priority. If it’s not us the mother teaching them the way of the truth, who else (certainly not the teachers at sunday school). 

You may not be a mother (or yet) as you read this, but there may be a “one woman” out there who needs your encouragement; perhaps your colleague, school friend, or an elderly in your neighbourhood.

I pray that the Lord will show you as you ask, and we’ll never know what kind of an eternal impact we will give to this precious woman soul. It’s not about us and our ability to do well, but it’s about HIS ability to use us well. 

Have a blessed Friday ❤️😘 


The Source of All 

Last week when I was driving my mind was thinking of some challenges I was facing, and the weariness it brought to my heart as the result. I prayed and could only repeatedly said to God, “I need Your grace, Lord“. 

Then a worship song “Draw Me Close to You” by Michael W. Smith came into my mind and I just sang it through, and how amazingly it lifted up my Spirit. 

Then I heard this still small voice. “Find rest in Me“. It was very comforting, and I straightaway found a renewed strength. 
Days after I was reminded this verse from John 15

5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

8 This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.  
9 “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in My love.

I find comfort to plainly abide in Him and His love. I do not need to struggle, I only need to surrender to Him, the Source of all. 
“My Priest” – Laura Woodley

Jesus, You are praying for me

Day and night You are interceding

Jesus, You are praying for me

Day and night You are speaking words of life

My priest
You know how I get weak

All of my wonderings

And the places I hide 

when I just can’t find my faith

You say

Father, pour out Your grace

This one is seeking Your face

You know why I died

Father You love this child

Look at my hands and feet

Grant mercy

#gracebeyondmeasure #crunchynatsjournal