Who and Why – Behind the “CrunchyNat”




My name is Natalia and I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Now I am settling at a nice town of Victoria, Australia, with my beloved husband and two daughters. You can call me simply as “Nat”.

I’ve been writing diaries since I was in primary school (even until now becoming a mother of two!) and been blogging since 2005 firstly on my Friendster blog (Now the server has been inactive, unfortunately).

Yet not until 2007 when I came to realize that something I naturally do everyday, that is writing, is actually a passion which the Lord has put in my heart after all of these times. Along the years I am more passionate into it and keep learning to be able to give the best for the Lord.

It is a privilege for every Christians to tell the world the good news about Someone who has redeemed the sinful from death and bring them into the promising life of eternal love and joy.

I have varied ways in telling the world about it, most importantly is through my life.

But if the Lord gives me pen and paper (or in this case a laptop, WordPress blog, and Internet connection) as one of the ways, I would be more glad than ever to share it to you all.

Writers are just people who have a whole lot on the inside that they need to get to the outside, with pen and paper as their preferred method of transport.

Same with dancers, artists, and singers – all the same urges with differing transportation.  ~Graycie Harmon

Give thanks to the Lord, for He created each one of us as unique.

And as for the “CrunchyNat” – well, this is like my “online nickname” or my “avatar in a word”? lol.

I’ve just found out recently that “crunchy” is used to described a person who has adjusted or altered his/her lifestyle for environmental reasons (urbandictionary.com). But seriously, I am clearly not an environmentalist; it is just a twist from my name, nothing’s genius 😝

Crunchy as a nut/Nat” haha!

Well, “crunch” also gives you an idea of a texture, and a sound/noise when bitten or crushed (fyi I prefer the crunchy peanut butter rather than the smooth one 😋).

Well, I’m writing on my blog whenever I am inspired to, through my ups and downs moments (not only when I am “bitten”or “crushed” 🤔). I am just following where His Spirit leads me to.

It is my hope that this blog will bless and inspire you in a way;

to walk with me together through my life story which is orchestrated by my Great and Loving Creator down to every details.

He who has given me the passion and dream is real and alive in the everyday life. He is available for everyone. Come and find the true meaning and purpose in life, in Christ alone.

Saved, Redeemed, and Loved Immensely,



8 thoughts on “Who and Why – Behind the “CrunchyNat”

  1. salam kenal sis…
    kayanya method of transport kita mirip2 deh…hehehe

    cool! I’m going to visit yours aftr this 😉 salam kenal jg 🙂

  2. Hi! I just found your blog, so nice! I was wondering, do you still live in Jakarta? I plan to go to Indonesia next year for missionary work. Maybe we could talk and become friends until I go there and you could tell me about life there?

    1. Hi there too! Is your name Bethenia? I still live here in Jakarta! I’m really sorry for such long delay in replying your comment! Haven’t got internet connection properly since I moved here 😦 Sure we can become friends and share even more of God’s goodness. Don’t hesitate to send me email! 🙂

  3. I am blessed to stumble upon your blogs. I am a pastor from Manila. I pray for young writers in the church to have a passion for God like yours. Press on for Jesus!

    Thanks a lot Ps Dave!! Thanks for your prayer too! God bless your ministry and relationship with Him abundantly 🙂

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