My Moment of Truth


Hello From Melbourne 🌷
If you asked me, when did I receive Jesus as my Lord, I cannot give you the exact date, not even the year.

The process is all so natural. No lightning strucked me nor audible voice scolded me to repent when I was still in my sinful life.

I went to Christian schools since, well, forever. The name of Jesus, the story of Bible, they were all familiar to me since I was a kid. I went to altar calls to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior more than once until I myself wasn’t sure if I had really receive Him whenever I was asked among the audience of the church I ever attended previously. What I knew was I didn’t feel anything’s changed, I was still living my unholy life which of course at that time I felt nothing was wrong with me, so far I didn’t kill anyone.

Yet I never understand the meaning of the word “Holy Spirit” until in 2005 when I started to come to a church when I was in Melbourne (I was there for studying and then working from 2002-mid 2008).

The cause for me to be able to finally come to a church (besides celebrating christmas once in a year, or.. errr… not at all) was also very natural: I just didn’t want to be alone after I broke up with my long term bf so I started to find ‘something new’ and to broaden my social life too 😛

So, it was there for the first time I heard that Christian isn’t about a religion. It is about a relationship. The truth about Christianity is beyond going to the church, listening to the sermons, “doing good stuff on weekdays”. It is far beyond that!

It isn’t about doing, it’s about knowing the reason I’m doing, knowing the personality of the Person behind the reason I’m doing.

And this Holy Spirit, He is a Person. Just as a Person, I can communicate to Him. When I pray, I know whom I am talking with. I know that I am not talking to a dead thing. He is alive. He is real. Amazing thing about Him as well, because He is a Spirit means I can talk to Him whenever, wherever I can! 🙂

I cannot see Him visually yet He enables me to know He is there. That is through my faith.  Through my faith I can see Him, I can understand Him, I can breathe Him.

This whole new experience surely changed my life mere than my social life or whatever I originally asked for! I see the whole world differently, I came to know about what is called GRACE. The closer I am with Him, the more I can see who I really am, and who I was if He didn’t choose me to know and to receive His wonderful love (and we are all have been chosen).

I gave myself to the Lord on April 30th 2005, for me it was a commitment signed by a baptism.

And then all still went naturally… I didn’t change in a blink into a saint on that day, but from that on, I knew I was destined to be one by the blood of Jesus which has sanctified me. I myself cannot find the answer of why I could only really feel something’s changed in my heart thus in my life only since then. Why it did not since the first time I came forward to one of those altar calls? I never know the answer yet there are no regrets. What the most important thing is, now for the rest of my life, I can walk closely side by side with my Lord.

Dear my friends, there are still a lot of things I can share about my relationship with Him so therefore this is the purpose of this blog.

It is my prayer that you may be inspired through this blog and to experience the same love I have 🙂

God bless you



6 thoughts on “My Moment of Truth

  1. Hello Natalia
    So glad I came across your blog!!!! Love your testimony my sister!!! I’ll be coming in from time to time and do visit me soon 😀 😀 it’s so wonderful to be born again and know it!!!!

    Hi Pat, Thanks so much for dropping a comment 😉 I’m going to add your blog in my blogroll so I can visit u often 🙂 God bless your daily walk with Christ 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Just came across your blog and happy to find a very inspiring testimony. You are forever blessed sister! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping a comment sister, God bless you with your own inspiring testimony too 🙂

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