Motherhood & Me

I am a proud mother of two cheeky and adorable daughters, Aimee Grace and Arielle Esther.

I firstly came to Australia in 2002 to pursue my uni degree. To cut the long story short, I met my husband at my Melbourne’s home church in 2008, and we were back to Indonesia for two years in 2010 to wed and our first daughter, AIMEE, was born in Jakarta in 2011.


Aimee Grace – September 2011

In summer 2012 we returned to Melbourne with our one year old Aimee, and since then had become more active in some ways writing blog posts about motherhood.

In Jakarta, I was a full time working mom due to the necessity and had to leave my daughter with a nanny while I worked. I missed the days where I could be with her, taking care of her and nurturing her regardless of how more tiring it would be. So I praised the Lord for opening our ways to return to Melbourne where living with a single income is a more possible option – I changed my career to a full time mother.

A big shift, but a priceless and rewarding one.

Nevertheless, days of becoming a full time mother are well beyond my expectation and the artistry. The overwhelming days, the joyful-words-cannot-explain days. Blog is good to record all of those days because overall, it is one sweet fun irreversibility adventure with my kid (plus another one arrived years later – say HI to Arielle)!

Arielle Esther – August 2016

When we first moved back in 2012, I only have very few close friends who were also a mother (two in Singapore, and one -my own cousin- in Jakarta; none of them in Australia!). Via our text and online messages, I often shared my many struggles and challenges in mothering.

Yet God is so good, through many good books of Christian parenting, mommies’ blogs out there, and His continuous encouragement and strength from His own words in bible, I didn’t really feel alone. Although yes, sometimes it was difficult for me to relate and share things about parenting and motherhood heart-to-heart with friends here who married without kids or haven’t got married yet. His help never came too late.

My learning experience and journey as a mom are shared mostly on this blog. I created another new page especially for motherhood to post things and tips from “the expert” (those who definitely have more ‘sour-and-salty’ experience of being a mother) so I myself can find it handy whenever I need it.

Fast forward many years later, now most of my friends have also got married and with kids. I may have the learning advantages of having an older child, but truly, a mother NEVER stop to learn regardless how old our children are!

Nonetheless, if you’re a mother,  I do really hope that this blog can be one of those “mommies’ blogs” which can also bless and inspire you especially when you feel discouraged, alone, clueless, and need encouragement (like I still do sometimes).

Finally, thanks for visiting and reading, and to embark together in this sweet intimate journey of motherhood and parenting.

My blessings from the Lord ❤️

God’s grace always be with you,



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