Big Dream in Little Me…

Sitting on the couch reading “The Little Red Writing Book” by Mark Tredinnick that I’ve just bought from Borders inspires me a bit to update my blog at the moment… 🙂

I still haven’t forgotten my dream yet, to write a book one day, hoping that ‘one day’ will be coming true this year! (or at least for the next 2 years :P).. and after I get stucked with my novel writing recently (huhuhuhuhu) I’ve found another idea to compile my blog entries that I’ve been writing since the year 2005 into a book.. how that sounds? 😉

I was inspired by Pastor Ayub Yahya’s book “Titik Nol”-one that my cousin gave me before I left to Melbourne, in which it contains his blog entries for about one and a half years.. I’ve read several first pages, the topic revolves around his activities and observations as a pastor in GKI (one of church denominations in Indo)…

So yeah, I am inspired to do similar thing… although I am still not sure whether to write it all in English or Indo… I’ve just got this plan to open up my old archives since 2005 in my Friendster blog, start choosing which entries I want to put those in, editing it (it’d be more difficult if I decided to be in English-all correct grammar without being too rigid, ideally I want the writings “to play a melody” when I and the readers read it-relate to what Tredinnick wrote, “Good writing should sound like the very best of talking; clear, careful, animated, and memorable. Good writing means something fast. It speaks. Sometimes it even sings“)..

Well, I believe, if this dream truly comes from the Lord, He will be the One who provides me the way, His Spirit will be the One who keeps inspiring me, guiding me to write things what’s in His own heart…

Thank You Jesus… nite niteee 🙂


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