“To Indonesians”

Bomb_JakartaMost especially for all Indonesians out there…

How many are you shocked over Michael Jackson’s death compared to the bomb blast that once again struck our lovely city, Jakarta, on this Friday morning? How many are you thinking of MU’s arrival more, hoping they won’t cancel their visit?

How many are you being indifferent?


I was so shocked and disappointed to hear the news firstly from Facebook’s status updates of my friends in Indo not long ago… I can’t help not to ask “Why, Lord?”… I was angry, disappointed, and sad, over the actors behind all of this madness… Why don’t you love your own country??!! It may be much better if we were attacked by some foreigners trying to invade us, yet the actors I believe are Indonesians too! You are an Indonesian yet you don’t love your own country…!

Speaking of language terms, we often refer a nation as a “mother”… so technically speaking, why you ruin your own “mother”????? Why you want to destruct her, embarassed her in front of the public…?

I myself do not know I would be this sad and disappointed over this issue… I cried! This is smt unfamiliar for me to be honest… But I guess God answers my prayer! When I was still in Indo, I remember the hairdresser whom I went shared with me revelation that Iin Cipto (one of Indonesian’s evangelists) received… About how God is willing for 5 % of Christians Indonesians to pray over their own nation… Just 5%! Which is around 2 millions from the total population…

The same like what Abraham tried to deal with God in order to save Sodom (Gen 18), which is to find at least 50 persons in that city who fear the Lord… and Abraham continued to bargain, it was down until ten, but then there was even not 10 people in that city who loved God! I don’t want the same tragic happen to this country at this age…


I know the major population of this country is Moslem, yet I am sure there are still many Christians who really love this country, willing to pray for its wellness (and I don’t deny there are some part of Moslem dedicated to pray for our country as well).. We share same nation, we share same land, we should share the same love… more than just a nationality written in our passport…


So when my hairdresser shared that to me, I commit within my own heart, that I want to be a part of that 5% Christians Indonesians who pray for this country, standing on behalf, asking for God’s grace and mercy… And just last week I prayed to God asking for a heart that has a sense of belonging for this nation…

If I didn’t treat Indonesia as my own, I wouldn’t even care to pray for it… I care for my own stuffs, my books, my CDs.. If I lose one of those, I would definitely spend some time searching for it until I find it… I care for my loved ones, if they were sick, I would definitely visit them, taking first of all actions: praying for their wellness… And I long for this same act to be applied to my own country too!

So, God has answered my prayer… when this country hurt, I am hurt…

God, please heal the wound… I know You still have divine plan and noone can interfere with Your sovereignity… What some people plan for the evil, You are able to turn it to goodness… Please pour out your love over the people of this country… I know You forgive and love those who’ve been wrong too… Touch them, God… We pray for Your miracles…

Let’s bring our “mother” to our prayer… She belongs to us, we belong to her… There is a reason why the Lord created us as an Indonesian… Take our portion in it…

God bles u all… 🙂


One thought on ““To Indonesians”

  1. hey nat, thanks for the little wake up call. i think i am one of those people you called indifferent, or actually i have loved oz more than indo especially these past few years, but then again this reminds me i should not forget my root, eh? i was born indonesian for a purpose 🙂 i pray God put a heart for our mother country more in me. keep writing, u are a blessing~

    thanks so much lice, glad to b a blessing to u too and I’m sure it was His Spirit who spoke to u through my writing 🙂 GBU

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